Leave No Trace

  • Let us respect this land – please pick up after yourself. No plastic glitter please. There will be some biodegradable glitter for sale in the vendor area. Also be careful if you wear sequins. Let us be scrupulous in this matter and help each other by picking up any sequins that we find on the ground or anywhere out of place. Sparkle is fun… let’s do it as responsibly as possible!
  • Please be mindful if you smoke and keep your butts and roaches to yourself. Pocket ashtrays will be available in the vending village and the Care Shack.
  • There will be no trash cans on site so you will be responsible for packing out any trash you make. We will have a fun educational booth called Trash Talk with information about various common recyclable materials with the option to leave some of your recyclables in exchange for a small fee. The fee will help us with the costs and efforts associated with handling other people’s recyclables as well as to provide an incentive for people to take care of their own trash. We will also provide receptacles for minimal amounts of compost and refundables near the main stage and food area.


  • There is running water on site for washing your hands and doing your dishes and we also ask you to bring your own water for drinking.
  • We love and respect the river. Please don’t use soap in the river or wear any plastic glitter that can get washed away in the waters. There will be some 100% biodegradable glitter for sale in one of the shops near the dancefloor. This glitter has been vigorously tested and will biodegrade completely even in freshwater environments.
  • There will also be a place that we will set up to give thanks for the river. Feel free to bring an offering – a favourite rock or crystal, a feather or a song – anything that will not harm the river